Form Description
Accelerate In Business - Katherine
Art Ministry - Ladd
Book Club Small Group - Karmin Andrews

Think, Learn and Succeed. 

Creative Vision Boards - Donna/Bashir
Entrepreneurship - Donyll and Will
Entrepreneurship Marketing Group - John
Explorers Club - Sheila
Financial Fitness - Pastor Stan/Evelyn
Financial Peace GR - Beverly
Fitness Workout - Chera
For Christian Lovers Only - Skot/Barbara
Goals & Dreams - Laura
Inner Beauty - Dianna/Pam
Interactive Bible Study - Elizabeth
Intercessory Prayer - Elizabeth
Marriage Prepare & Enrich - Rollin/Laura
Marriage Prepare Enrich - Dan and Barbara
Marriage Prepare Enrich - Ervin and Joyce
Marriage Prepare Enrich - George and Teresa
Marriage Prepare Enrich - Ignatius and Linda
Marriage Prepare Enrich - William and Claudia
Marriage Prepare Enrich Michael and Rosemary
Married And In Love - Tony/Shelly
Married Couples Dance - Stephen and Evangela
Maximized Manhood - Pastor Brooks
Membership / Guest Form

Welcome to our Stones Church Family. One of our Family Care Pastors will contact you personally.  You will also be invited to a Stones Church Introductory Breakfast where you will learn more about membership.  PLEASE COMPLETE ONE FORM PER INDIVIDUAL. IF UNDER THE AGE OF 18, PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM.
Thank you!

Men of Valor - Malcomb
Men's Breakfast Club - Patrick
Men's Mentoring - Ervin
Men's Single Adult Group GR/Kentwood - Ervin
Music Ministry - Julius

Worship Team

My Child Without Limits - Anquanette
New Believers Fresh Start - John
New Gen Leaders Kazoo - Pastor Brooks
Now is the Time to Write - Anitra
Over 50 and Fabulous - E. Rutherford

Small group for Women who are over 50 years old and still wanting to live life to the fullest.

S.A.L.T. (Stones Advanced Level Training) S.A.L.T. is a word-based, presence-driven training for the purpose of transforming lives, systems and culture.  S.A.L.T. is the supernatural ministry department of Stones School where individuals are equipped to "Become."
Salvation Group -Joseph
Single Adult Relationships - Chantel
Single Adult Relationships - Katherine
Single Adult Relationships - Kendra
Single Adult Relationships - Shawna
Single Adult Relationships - Simpson
Single Adult Relationships - Sonia
Single Adult Relationships - Sonja
Single Adult Relationships - Tamila
Single Adult Relationships - Tamra
Single Adult Relationships - Tierene
Single Adult Relationships GR/-Tahleekah / Kishen
Song Writing - Pastor Yvonne
Sports and Things GR - Dee
Students Climbing Club - Julie

Meet at Kalamazoo for a short devotion & then climb together.

Table Talk - Rollin Mains
Vegan Meals - Joi and Angela
Videography and Photography - Myles
Volunteer Interest Form Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a member of the Stones Church volunteer team.  Someone from the Volunteer Services department will contact you. 
Walk It / Talk It - Tonja
Women's, Wife, Mom Leader Group - Mary